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Carbon Fiber Recycling Material - Carbon Fiber Surface Mat

Sunwell Carbon Fiber Composite (SWCFC) has launched a circular recycled carbon fiber surface veil, which is a lightweight and thin non-woven carbon fiber fabric made from recycled short-cut carbon fibers. The carbon fibers are evenly distributed and have good resin adsorption properties. They are compatible with polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, and epoxy resins, and have excellent impregnation and formability. It can be used to provide a smooth covering layer for components or to increase the minimum weight, thickness, and rigidity. Currently available in two specifications of 30g/M2 and 50g/M2. The current source of recycled carbon fiber mainly comes from wind power industry and sporting goods industry. Using this material helps customers achieve closed-loop recycling of their composite components.

~Low carbon footprint, recycled carbon fiber, circular closed-loop~ 



● Anti-static/corrosion-resistant equipment such as composite material pipelines and storage tanks form a resin-rich layer on the surface of the component to increase chemical stability and reduce micro-cracks on the surface. At the same time, it can conduct static electricity and reduce the risk of explosion caused by static electricity accumulation and contact with chemicals.

● Used in composite mold making on top of the gel coat layer to reduce Fiber Print Through caused by resin shrinkage in subsequent fiber laminations.

● Used on the surface of composite parts before subsequent painting processes, allowing for sanding of the part surface without damaging the reinforcing fiber layer.

● Used for bonding between honeycomb layers and fiber layers in sandwich structures to stabilize the adhesive layer thickness while avoiding excess resin flow into the honeycomb.

● Surface veils can also be made into prepreg materials to reduce post treatment processes.


Product FAW 30g/m2  FAW 50g/m2 
Project  Unit Data
Breadth mm  1000 1000
Fiber Weight Per Unit Area g/m2 28~32 47~53 
Longitudinal (MD) Tension kg/15mm 0.31 0.69 
Lateral (CD) Pull kg/15mm 0.12 0.19
Thickness m/m  0.182 0.291