Dear Customer


We at the Sunwell Carbon Fiber Corporation CO; Ltd (SWCFC) believe that the quality of our product and services is an extension of our brand and our promise to you. For this reason, we take the issue of illegal manufacturers who produce and sell trademarked materials under our name without authorization very seriously. To protect our quality and your interests, we declare the following:


1. Symbol with registered trademark of the company is legally approved and valid. Outside of our company (SWCFC), we have not given any third party (individual or manufacturer) authorization to produce products or services on our behalf. The produced goods are directly delivered to the major distributors or designated places by customers from our warehouse.


2. The illegal act of making and selling counterfeit goods violates our intellectual property rights selling and causes severe damages to users' legitimate rights and interests. We solemnly warn any third party (individual or manufacturer) any act of counterfeiting our brand and trademark, once found, will immediately take legal actions against your company.


3. To eliminate the counterfeits and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our customers, partners and reliability of our company, we formed an anti-counterfeiting team and reward system that focuses on supervising and reporting any illegal activity that violates the rights mentioned above.


Hotline: +886 49 2255420 (Chi)

Email: service@swcfc.com (Chi/Eng)